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    Yo Ima let you finish.. GL Team Enigma! I just now got the game pretty amazing!


    I will also join in on this unanimous cheer!

    In fact, we’re applying for the cheerleading positions.


    wru humor fourm


    World Firsts have been achieved!


    Keep em coming

    I  had hoped that Fraya would try and get away from his long streak of broken promises and update the front page with some more kill screen shots.


    Clearly I was mistaken.














































    Still waiting for that Phage Maw world first post man.




    We need more sub forums for us casuals, this is how I visualize Fraya in highschool.


    Where are the world first posts at?


    Glade to see you guys are still going strong. The only reason I’m still subscribed to the subreddit is for the big grin I get every time I see your name pop up on a kill announcement.


    is this game any good i was thinking of buying it


    also hi


    It sounds really good, too wonderful!

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