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Recruitment Update

Several changes have been made to our Recruitment page, and we have our final list of open slots before our 40 man roster becomes locked. Recruitment will still be open after that point, but finding your way into one of those six slots will be far easier than being accepted later in progression.


Please note that our recruitment system on the site is still a little retarded. Our Recruitment Form is going to eat all your formatting, so don’t bother making artwork out of your post. As always, you NEED to provide Video/Logs, and please try and be brief on your app. I’m going to scour your Proof of Skill, not read an essay on your MMO History.


  • Alpha | 07/17/2014 at 4:50 PM

    I have a few questions. Is there anyway I could speak with a recruitment officer before I file an application and mess it up?

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