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Recruitment Notes for New and Returning Players

We need skilled people more than sluts need knee-pads. We don’t care if you’ve been playing for a week, or a year. We can get you up to speed, but Talent never changes. Here’s a few notes for you dudes.



#1 – We have 3 full separate runs. You do not need 3 toons immediately, but you’ll need to work on it in your spare time.


#2 – You don’t need to spend money on this game, but you will need to have access to the PTR when it comes up. PTR requires a Subscription. You’ll need to either drop $ on it or use a CREDD.


#3 – Don’t app without a Video or Logs.


#4 – Feel free to poke us in-game if you have questions. Nobody sends us messages anymore. We’re so lonely.


#5 – If you are good, and stick around, someone will suck your dick. I guarantee it.


#6 – No fucking lookie-loos. We’re recruiting to prep for progression of the next tier when it releases in ??? months, not dipshits that are going to proceed to GW2 in November.


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