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Current State of Recruitment

We are still recruiting right now, but the process is going to be a little strange in the coming weeks.


If you are interested, Apply, but keep in mind that the process is going to go one of two ways, based on whether or not you can provide Video or Log ‘Proof of Skill’.


If you do, we can accept your Application, and move you to Trial status. You’ll have Forum access, a Guild Invite on launch, Mumble access, and we will get you completely up-to-date on everything that’s going on.


If you do not, we may or may not like the look of it, but you will not move to Trial status until we have actually seen you play, in-game. You need to roll on our server, level as quickly as you can (plain questing is viable), and start gearing as quickly as you can from Veteran Adventures/Dungeons. From there, talk to one of us, and try and find a way into one of our Dungeon groups. There will be many of us running them, constantly. If you end up having trouble getting in groups with us, run a PuG Vet Dungeon, record Video, and update your application with it. Doing so will dramatically accelerate your Application.


You will not be effectively a part of the Enigma community until you can impress us with your playstyle from inside Veteran Dungeons.


Keep in mind that, prior to that point, you have only made it through around 10% of our Application process. You need to thoroughly impress us with your run. If you haven’t done the Dungeon, and you execute improperly because you don’t know the fights, we will have to assume it’s because you’re unskilled. Learn the strategies, run a practice PuG, put yourself in position where our people don’t feel held-back by you in the slightest.


Happy hunting, folks.

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