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by | August 25, 2014

Really fun fight, though a bit too easy. Here’s hoping for more encounters with mechanics as wild as Lattice.  

by | August 19, 2014

Tonight we finished clearing all 16 Datascape Minibosses. This is the complete Fire, Earth, Ice, and Logic wings. Some were challenges, some were not, but we opted to clear all 16 before we proceeded to progress on one of the remaining 7 actual bosses.

by | July 12, 2014

Several changes have been made to our Recruitment page, and we have our final list of open slots before our 40 man roster becomes locked. Recruitment will still be open after that point, but finding your way into one of those six slots will be... read more

by | June 10, 2014

We can't be 100% sure who is World First right now, because timestamps are localized to the PC clock, but from what we know by talking to the other Attuned guilds, it appears this is the case.

by | June 10, 2014

Quick update with recruitment status. We’re very interested in several ranged DPS slots. Being deep into the GA20 Attunement chain is a huge perk.