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Farm Schedule (Max)

8:00 – 12:00 EST, Sunday – Thursday.


Very rarely will we actually raid that much during Farm, but those are our priority days/times. Sunday and Monday fall off first.


Progression Schedule

12 – 14 Hour Days for 3 – 6 Days. Then reverts to Farm schedule.


It’s expected that you take a few days off Work/School so that we can go ham-bone. Treat Raid Content releases in Wildstar the same way you’d treat a game release that you’re fucking stoked for. The raids will probably go from early Afternoon to 3:00 to 4:00 AM, EST. We’ll gauge what we can do before it releases, just be prepared to put as much in your life as you can aside for a few days, around twice a year.




Genetic Archives (Full Clear) — World #1

System Daemons 40 — World #1

Datascape 40 (Full Clear) — World #1

Datascape 20 (Full Clear) — World #1

Augmentors (Hardmode) — World #1



Enigma was founded at the end of 2008, and disbanded cold turkey at the start of 2012. We started as a US 200th guild that couldn’t even field 20 players for Naxx 25, and ended being an actual competitor for US 1st in Cataclysm.


US #197 – Yogg’saron (Normal)

US #117 – Algalon

US #85 – Yogg 0

US #62 – Heroic Lich King

US #11 – Tier 11 Clear

US #7 – Heroic Ragnaros

US #4 – Madness of Deathwing


At no point during this period did we merge with any guild, server transfer, change management, or get lucky in any way, shape, or form regarding progression. We climbed the US rankings slowly and methodically, using intelligent recruitment, and aggressive use of our schedule. Our low attempt counts attracted the type of player we were looking for, and our generally relaxed atmosphere kept them.


That said, we weren’t without our flaws. An undersized roster due to a fear of over-recruitment lead to many undermanned raid nights. The same issue caused our rankings to plummet for fights that rewarded class-stacking. Most people remember the success, but I remember the mistakes, and there were a lot of mistakes.


In the end, with our core’s fading interest in WoW’s future, we made a choice to close up shop at our apex. Better not to raid, than to raid badly.


In early 2014, we restarted the Enigma a couple months before the Wildstar release, mostly with people we met during Beta. On launch, we had relatively low expectations. As luck would have it, we ended up taking First, and have held it since.



We’re after World 1st. We’re not here to help you collect pink pixels, we’re not here so you can brag to randos about what a badass you are. We’re here to compete. That’s it.


Talent First. There is no set of skills a person can have that will allow for them to compensate for a lack of results in raid. All your gear, money, free time, and personality add up to nothing if you can’t execute comparably to the best players in the world.


No Compromise. We don’t care if you are the best player in the world. If you want to bring your shitty girlfriend along, I will personally show you where to shove it.


Low Attempt Counts. We don’t bash our heads into a wall. We may have a heavy schedule during progression, but the total quantity of raid hours required for us to clear all content will be less than any casual guild.


Enjoy the Game. We’ve found that the most valuable players are actively interested in Wildstar. Maybe not all day every day, but people that habitually don’t give a shit will have poor execution. If you’re on the way out the door, Enigma is not the place for you.


Community. Generally speaking, we don’t play social police. We would preach thick skin before we would preach sensitivity, but there are limits. If we see you running around being a complete cunt to strangers, it’s going to be a problem. It is a lot more fun to raid with generally chill folks.


No Arbitrary Rules. We don’t care if you’re 15. We don’t care if you’re a girl. It is expected that everyone have a large margin of control over their life, and that’s it. Whether you’re studying for your SATs, or you’re writing your Doctoral Thesis, it makes no difference to us.


Serve the Group. Work for the team, and the team will work for you. We share information internally, we make clean calls in raid. The existence in each person in this guild should improve the performance of all the other players in it.


The Colour Lime. Our favourite colour is Lime. Your favourite colour is Lime. While reading this, feel free to wave bye-bye to the other 50% of apps who didn’t.


Fairness. There is nobody at the top in Enigma siphoning currency. If we were to have sponsors, all our raiders would have a fair shot at the goodies. Our loot will be distributed as fairly as is practical, and there will never, ever, be anything shady going down under the table. We ask for volunteers before we make anyone do anything.


Rock Solid Roster. If you haven’t done it before, raiding in a group of players where there aren’t a small group of fuck-ups is a completely different feeling. The entire atmosphere changes from a silent frustration where many wait for few, and changes into a mutual understanding of aggressive progression. It’s just awesome, and it’s nothing like any other raid.


One Game. We do not bounce around in games. Enigma existed in WoW for 3 years. Then it didn’t exist for 2 years. Now it’s a thing again. We didn’t hop on the bandwagon for a bunch of other MMOs. There is no ‘after Wildstar’ for us. Wildstar has the best Raid Content in existence, full stop. We’re not going to go back to some other shittier game after progression.